1. Wowza, what a turn.

    I’d been looking for this mother fucker!!

    Today is April 22nd, 2013 (happy birthday, papito!) It is 4:02am.

    I am so happy to report that my life has pretty much made a 180 since my last post 1 year and 11 days ago. But in all honesty, I should wait until after finals and shit to write this out. I’m also really tired, so I’ll edit this later! But while I’m stressed the FUCK out right NOW, I am so much happier in general than last year and it’s about fucking time. peace!

  2. For future reference part 2: Electric Boogaloo! (aka, what do I want to be?)

    Two things are certain: I’m majoring in History and minoring in French/Francophone Studies.

    One thing is on the fence: Whether to minor in Educational Studies, or the Florida Teaching minor. The former is to learn about the education system from a policy point-of-view, the latter certifies me to teach in Florida for up to two years after I graduate (presumably enough time to get a Masters and to be -officially- certified to teach.)

    Essentially, I’m trying to decide whether I want to be a teacher or some sort of government official/education activist sort of deal. I’m really passionate about education and its importance - I’ll spend hours reading articles, looking up recent bills in Congress, reading arguments and counter-arguments, taking part in said arguments (oh, internet..) and basically wanting to revamp the education system in this country.

    However, I love love love the idea of being an APUSH teacher for juniors or seniors in high school. I sincerely feel like I’d be one of those “cool” teachers and HOPEFULLY would change some kids’ lives, like some of my teachers have mine, and I don’t know… it just seems so great. My former APUSH teacher put it this way: “When I come to school, I don’t work. It’s not work to me - I’m doing what I love and getting paid for it.” What a powerful idea..

    With the Florida Teaching minor, I could at least get a job straight out of school being a teacher somewhere. With Educational Studies, I’m not so sure. Although, I plan on doing a 1-year Masters program in History.. that might help me out.

    Perhaps I could start out being a teacher and then branch out to administrative work.

    Anyways, too lazy to write anything else. deuces!

  3. "so watcha gonna do to make yourself better this summer?"

    Aiight, guess I’ll write it down so that it’ll compel me even further!

    1. Work. Alot. Maybe 4 days a week though, since I won’t have my own car and getting to work will be a little complicated.. I have a phone interview next tuesday and I wish it were earlier so that I could know already, got DAMN, yeezy!

    2. Lose weight - how typical!! Really though, I plan on finishing my couch-to-5k program (at last) and hopefully make headway into the 5k-to-10k program! My only qualm is there aren’t really nice places to jog around where I live… maybe the lakefront, but it’s a few miles away and I wouldn’t be able to jog there without passing out. I can do a maximum of a half-mile at a time, I believe, so I’ve definitely gotten better! Just need to pick it back up again! Also, either buy some weights or work out at my dad’s Planet Fitness, but that involves more driving… shit, college is IDEAL for getting into shape. Gym and beautiful places to run right outside your doorstep!

    3. Develop a fashion sense - I want to challenge myself a little though. I’m going for a 2001-era Strokes sense of style, so I’ll be doing alot of army-surplus and Goodwill shopping. I typically only buy books at goodwill, which already takes me like an hour.. I’ll be spending alot of time there this summer, but I like it. Except it smells like elderly people… yeah, I’ll wash those clothes before wearing them. Gotta find a local army surplus store… I found one here in the town of my college, and it’s not very far, so I’ll hit that place up maybe next weekend! I’m actually pretty excited!

    Those are my three main goals. To put numerical values:

    1. Lose AT LEAST 15 pounds this summer.

    2. Save up $1,000.

    3. Dedicate at least $200 to clothes, which if I stick to my goodwill/army surplus plan, should get me a nice amount of stuff.

    cool, let’s do this shit!